Samsung’s SmartThings Energy to offer improved power-saving feature in Korea

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Samsung had launched the power-monitoring and power-saving feature called SmartThings Energy in 2019. It monitors home appliances and smart home devices that are compatible with SmartThings to lower electricity bills. The company has now announced that it is improving the feature by joining hands with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).

The South Korean firm signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Korea Electric Power Corporation earlier today to develop an intelligent power-saving solution. The business agreement was signed by Park Chan-woo, VP of Samsung Electronics’ Home Appliance Business, and Kim Tae-yong, Head of Digital Transformation at KEPCO.

The new power-saving feature will use a combination of power consumption data provided by KEPCO and SmartThings Energy. It will offer hourly, daily, and monthly power consumption data along with electricity bill information. To prevent excessive electricity bills, it can save power by adjusting the AC’s settings and turning off home appliances when there is no one in the home.

The new and improved service will go live in South Korea in the second half of this year, and it will be available to those who have installed KEPCO’s AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Intelligent Remote Metering Device) watt-hour meter and activated the Samsung SmartThings Energy service.

SmartThings Energy is compatible with Samsung’s smart ACs, air dressers, air purifiers, dryers, microwave overs, ovens, refrigerators, robot vacuum cleaners, shoe dressers, and washing machines. Over 6.6 million consumers use the company’s SmartThings feature to control and automate their smart home appliances and devices remotely.

Park Chan-woo, said, “Samsung SmartThings Energy has developed into a true home energy saving service through cooperation with KEPCO. It will provide an experienced energy management experience.

Samsung SmartThings Energy Collaboration With Korea Electric Power Corporation

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