Samsung’s smart TVs get another certification for their accessibility features

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Samsung, the world’s number one TV brand for 15 years in a row, has been focusing a lot on improving the accessibility features of its smart TVs. The company has already received multiple awards and certifications, thanks to extensive accessibility features on its TVs. Today, the South Korean firm’s TVs have received yet another accessibility certificate.

The company has announced that its smart TVs have received the ATECH certification from ONCE Foundation in Spain. The certificate has been awarded to multiple TVs in Samsung’s lineup: Neo QLED TV, 4K QLED TV, 8K QLED TV, The Frame, The Serif, The Sero, and The Terrace. It means that the company’s TVs are more accessible and easier to use for people who are completely blind or those who have limited vision or color blindness.

Samsung’s TVs, which have received the ATECH certificate, are easier to use for people who are completely or partially deaf, have moderate or severe difficulties using their hands, or those who cannot speak. These TVs come with accessibility features that allow users with limited vision, hearing, or movement to completely set up their TV without needing help from anyone else.

Smart TVs from the South Korean firm come with a complete and easy-to-use accessibility menu. They also offer audio descriptions and accessibility subtitles. They meet or even surpass the accessibility requirements set by ONCE Foundation and European standard EN 301 549.

Jesús Hernández, Director of Universal Accessibility and Innovation at the ONCE Foundation, said, “It is important for manufacturers to take into account the needs of people with disabilities in order to achieve equal opportunities and non-discrimination as well as offer such information clearly and transparently and that is our goal.

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