Samsung’s OLED panels to face competition from China’s Everdisplay

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Samsung Display makes the best OLED panels in the world for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and laptops. The company is now facing some competition from rival Chinese firms like BOE in the smartphone space and Everdisplay Optronics in the laptop and tablet segments.According to a new report, Samsung Display is facing direct competition from China’s Everdisplay Optronics in supplying OLED panels for Huawei’s notebooks and tablet PCs. Earlier, the South Korean firm was providing OLED panels for Huawei’s laptops and tablets, but those orders have reportedly been switched to Everdisplay Optronics.Everdisplay Optronics is supplying 11-inch displays to BBK Electronics, and 11.5-inch and 12.6-inch (QHD) OLED screens for Huawei’s tablets. The Chinese firm has also started supplying 15.6-inch 4K OLED panels for Dell’s and HP’s premium laptops. Until now, Samsung was the de-facto OLED panel supplier for large-screen, non-smartphone devices. However, it now has competition from Everdisplay.Last year, Samsung Display sold 4 million OLED panels for laptops and tablets, but 3 million of those units were used in Samsung’s devices. Right now, only 1.3 percent of the laptops sold worldwide have OLED screens, but that market share will rise from next year.

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