Samsung’s 8K TVs will offer compatibility with advanced multi-channel audio

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Samsung had unveiled 8K QLED TVs last year, and the company is expected to expand its lineup in 2021. The South Korean firm is rumored to unveil new 8K TVs at its The First Look and CES 2021 events in the coming days. The company has now announced that its TVs will qualify for updated specs from 8K Association.

The 8K Association has recently updated the requirements for TVs to receive the ‘8KA Certified’ logo. Apart from the existing requirements for resolution, luminance, color, and connectivity standards, 8K TVs are now required to offer compatibility with a broader set of video decoding standards and advanced multi-dimensional surround sound for a truly immersive experience.

Dan Schinasi, Director of Product Planning at Samsung Electronics America, said, “With the 8K Association’s support in promoting standards that include audio-video performance and interface standards, we expect that more homes will choose 8K TVs and more 8K content will be soon available in those homes in the year ahead, offering an exceptional home theater experience.

The 8K Association includes TV brands, cinemas, studios, panel makers, processor brands, and others. Needless to say, Samsung and Samsung Display are principal members of the board. 8KA is planning to promote the 8K ecosystem’s growth by educating content creators on the benefits of capturing, producing, and distributing 8K content.

8K Association Certified Logo

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