Samsung wants its new Mystic Bronze color to inspire comfort and luxury

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Every official teaser leading to Galaxy Unpacked 2020 was dominated by one color in particular, namely Mystic Bronze. Samsung has now revealed the design philosophy behind its decision to create this shade of bronze for its new Galaxy Note 20 series, but indeed, Mystic Bronze is not a Galaxy Note-exclusive color. It’s been adopted by the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the Galaxy Tab S7 series, the Galaxy Watch 3, and even the Galaxy Buds Live.

However, Samsung’s latest insight story reveals that Mystic Bronze has its roots in the development of the Galaxy Note 20 duo, even if it may have ended up representing the entirety of the H2 2020 product lineup.

How Mystic Bronze became the go-to color of 2020

The Aura colors employed by last year’s Galaxy Note 10 are characterised by Samsung as energetic and containing the principles of light and prism. Samsung engineers wanted to express something a little bit different through the Galaxy Note 20’s colors, and they had one clear goal in mind: they wanted a color that would reflect a bigger focus on comfort and subtle luxury – something that has arguably been achieved with the adoption of calm and neutral colors.

Samsung engineers had one main theme in mind; they wanted to create a color that could reflect qualities such as Premium and Timeless. With a clear vision guiding the engineers through the selection process, they eventually chose Mystic Bronze as the main color for the new flagship series, as it feels comfortable and inspires reliability the more you look at it. The original bronze color was given a touch of purple for a timeless yet sophisticated tone, and this is how Mystic Bronze came to be – after some additional research and trend analysis.

Of course, Mystic Bronze is not the only color available for the Galaxy Note 20 lineup, or indeed the company’s other new products, but the other neutral colors still exist for basically the same reason: to inspire comfort and luxury.

Do you like Samsung’s new Mystic Bronze flavor or do you think the more colorful Aura finish of the Galaxy Note 10 was better? Has Samsung achieved what it set out to do when it created this new shade of bronze? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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