Samsung USA unleashes numerous 5G technologies at GSMA Thrive

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Samsung USA has just announced a handful of 5G-related technologies ahead of the GSMA Thrive virtual event scheduled to take place later today. Samsung is leading the charge into the 5G era at the consumer and enterprise levels, and the latest solutions are meant to further democratize 5G while continuing to secure the company’s top spot in the segment.

Samsung is presenting numerous 5G products and services at GSMA Thrive, including the Samsung Link range designed for indoor 5G services, the vRAN and 5G SA E2E network solutions for operators, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), C-Band, and Compact Core. In addition, the company announced a new partnership with VMware that’s meant to accelerate the roll-out of 5G.

  • Samsung Link is the complete in-building 5G solution from Samsung, comprising Link Cell – a mmWave indoor cell site announced in September – as well as Link HubPro and Link Hub. This product range covers the entire 5G spectrum and it’s meant to bring reliable indoor 5G to businesses.
  • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) is a technology developed by Samsung designed to help network operators migrate from LTE to 5G with relative ease. Samsung claims that this solution allows operators to gradually change the network’s spectrum resource allocation according to data usage.
  • The 5G SA E2E network solution allows network operators to upgrade and launch new services for business clients while reducing operating expenses. The solution leverages AI technologies for easy monitoring and comprises 5G RAN, cloud native Core, and the Orchestration and Analytics platform.
  • Samsung’s vRAN (virtual RAN) solution gives mobile operators the necessary tools for flexible scaling and resource pooling with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing deployment costs.
  • Compact Core is a cloud-native all-in-one-box 4G/5G solution designed to support enterprises such as smart factories, R&D complexes, shipyards, and steel plants. Compact Core is compatible with any x86 off-the-shelf server and it will be available globally later this year.
  • Samsung’s C-Band Massive MIMO radio solution was also unveiled today ahead of GSMA Thrive North America. The technology is actually already in use in South Korea and it will enable mobile operators in the USA to improve data speeds and increase 5G coverage. C-Band covers the mid-band spectrum from 3.7GHz to 4.2GHz and the product includes 64 antennas.

Samsung is collaborating with VMware once again

Back in 2017, Samsung and VMware announced a partnership meant to simplify Internet of Things. The two companies are joining forces once again, this time with the common purpose of accelerating the deployment of 5G solutions.

Specifically, VMware and Samsung have been working together in the Korean tech giant’s labs to optimize its VNFs (virtualized network functions) and CNFs (containerized network functions). In essence, this collaboration will help Communication Service Providers (CPS) accelerate the deployment of 5G technologies.

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