Samsung to churn out more phones in Q1 and keep focus on the Galaxy A

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Samsung ranked second in terms of smartphone production volume in Q4 2020 but the company is about to dethrone Apple and capture the top spot in the first quarter of 2021, estimates market research firm TrendForce.

According to reports, Samsung has manufactured and shipped 62-67 million smartphones in Q4 2020 depending on who’s doing the calculations. In Q1 2021, Samsung’s quarterly smartphone production volume is expected to reach around 62 million units, which indicates that the company might be able to maintain its production volume from the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, the same research firm believes that Apple’s production volume will be lower in Q1 2021 compared to the previous quarter. The Cupertino giant might be planning to produce a total of 54 million iPhones in Q1 2021, meaning it could manufacture 23.6 million fewer iPhones compared to Q4 2020, and 8 million fewer smartphones compared to Samsung in Q1 2021.

Samsung to combine the Galaxy Fold series […] with the Galaxy Note series

As far as Samsung’s product strategy for 2021 is concerned, the research firm believes that Samsung will likely combine the Galaxy Fold series with the Galaxy Note series into the same flagship lineup.

This means that the next-gen Galaxy Fold should receive S Pen support, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung will give up on the conventional candy bar form factor. It could be that Samsung will release a standard Galaxy Note device next to a foldable S Pen-enabled Fold/Note model at the same H2 event.

Samsung’s Galaxy A series will be this year’s main focus

Aside from the premium segment, TrendForce believes that Samsung’s strategy for 2021 will revolve a lot around its Galaxy A series of devices.

The Galaxy A lineup represents Samsung’s best chance at competing against Chinese brands, claims the research firm, and for this reason Samsung will continue to offer customers great specs at affordable prices through the Galaxy A family of smartphones.

The Galaxy A32 is a budget phone with a 90Hz display, while the Galaxy A32 5G is the company’s most affordable 5G phone. The upcoming Galaxy A52 is shaping up to be a great device, and the company is also preparing the Galaxy A72 and the Galaxy A82 for release.

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