Samsung signs contract to build a 5G network for Japan’s OPTAGE

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Samsung has won another 5G project in Japan. The company announced today that it has partnered with Japanese telecommunications company and service provider OPTAGE to implement a dedicated private 5G network and a real-time video monitoring system at one of its factories.

Samsung will provide OPTAGE with its industry-leading end-to-end 5G solutions including 5G radios, baseband unit, and Compact Core, the latter of which was designed precisely to support smart factories, R&D complexes, and more.

The private 5G network that Samsung implement at OPTAGE’s facility will livestream 4K Ultra HD videos from multiple sources including security cameras located throughout the factory. Leveraging Samsung’s private 5G network equipment, the video feeds will be transmitted to a remote maintenance system where site inspections can be remotely conducted from a control center.

The system is meant to eliminate the need for a technician to visit certain locations, and it can improve productivity, efficiency, and safety by allowing for the early detection of failures.

Half a year ago, Samsung also entered a partnership with KDDI with the purpose of bringing 5G enterprise solutions to Japan, and two months ago the company announced that it is providing 5G network solutions to one of Japan’s largest network operators, NTT DOCOMO.

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