Samsung shows how NEON artificial humans fit into banking of the future

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Samsung had unveiled its NEON artificial humans earlier this year during CES 2020, generating a lot of hype. The company had showcased various scenarios where NEON could be helpful, including in the finance, healthcare, retail, and TV sectors. Today, Samsung has announced that it has partnered with South Korean financial firm Shinhan Bank to offer NEON as a customer’s personal teller and financial advisor.

A newly released video showcases Samsung’s NEON Frame at the opening event of Shinhan Bank’s newly dedicated innovation center, Expace. NEON Frame is a device that features NEON artificial humans, a large portrait screen, a 4K vision sensor, RGB status lighting, Hi-Fi speakers and microphones, and a fingerprint reader to offer a next-generation banking experience to customers. The device can also be fitted with additional features and security measures such as card readers, contactless payments, and more.

Shinhan Bank aims to offer advancements in the financial industry by adopting new digital technologies such as NEON for transactional banking. Samsung’s focus with NEON is to humanize AI and give it a face. Banking is only one of the industries where Samsung wants to deploy NEON. The company had said earlier that its artificial humans are not designed to take human jobs but to assist them in various ways, and one such example is to use NEON as a backup news anchor for breaking news at very late hours.

NEONs are powered by Samsung’s CORE R3 and SPECTRA technologies. Core R3, which is developed by STAR Labs, stands for Reality, Realtime, and Responsive, and it computationally creates lifelike reality. The company has partnered with a Korean IT firm to create human-like algorithms to improve NEON.

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