Samsung has been trying very hard to communicate the gaming capabilities of the Galaxy Note 9 since its launch in August. It all started with Fortnite’s Android debut as a timed-exclusive on the company’s flagship Galaxy devices. The collaboration also resulted in an attractive free Fortnite V-Bucks promotion for the Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 users.Even after Fortnite being available for other Android devices, Samsung continues to bank on the popularity of the game to market the Galaxy Note 9. Last month, the company announced a Fortnite contest for the Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 users in the US in collaboration with the famous Fortnite streamer Ninja. It was followed by a new Fortnite-themed Galaxy commercial earlier this month.Samsung pitching the Galaxy Note 9 to the gamers againAs part of its latest marketing ploy, the Korean company has sent real-life Fortnite supply drops to popular YouTubers and Fortnite streamers Ninja, HarryKane, Ali-A, and SSSniperwolf. These Fortnite packages include a Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy-branded Fortnite goodies like a cap, a phone case, posters, etc. The contents of each box are slightly different as they are custom-designed for the recipient.Samsung always targeted power users with its Galaxy Note lineup. However, this time the company is going after the gamers in most of its promotions. Whether this a momentary shift or a fundamental change in the target audience for the Galaxy Note series remains to be seen.