Samsung Rewards points can now get you games from the Galaxy Store

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Thinking about where to spend all of those Samsung Rewards points you have racked up? Samsung is now giving you another avenue to spend them. It’s one that users who like playing games on their Samsung phones are really going to appreciate.From now on, it’s possible to both earn and redeem Samsung Rewards points for games from the Galaxy Store. Samsung’s own app repository has a decent collection of games so this is actually a pretty nice step the company has taken.A new way to keep users within the ecosystemSamsung Rewards members will earn three points for every dollar that they spend on games in the Galaxy Store. They will also be able to redeem their existing points to download new games from the Galaxy Store.Obviously, this is a great way for Samsung to keep users within the ecosystem. The points that they earn for buying its products can, in turn, be used on buying games from its own app store. Users who try to maximize their Samsung Rewards earnings now have an incentive to prefer downloading games from the Galaxy Store instead.This is just the beginning of this synergy between Samsung Rewards and the Galaxy Store. The company says that it’s going to bring these services even closer over the summer. Those who sign up for Samsung Rewards now will get $10 in points to use at the Galaxy Store as a welcome bonus. Members can also score 2x points on all in-game purchases at the Galaxy Store throughout the month of July.

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