Samsung provides update on its 5G (and 6G) progress: ‘Infinite’ possibilities and counting

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Samsung today revealed its medium-term vision for what constitutes the future of 5G. The company did so at a virtual event called Samsung Networks: Redefined, which saw it talk up its recent advancements in the space, announce a couple new products, and then some.

For starters, the conglomerate confirmed it’s virtualizing the entirety of its Radio Access Network portfolio. The reasoning behind the move is fairly straightforward: improved performance, scalability, and versatility. All at a reduced cost, not to mention the overall improved platform resiliency.

Four million 5G radios and counting, 6G, and then some…

In effect, Samsung remains convinced its technologies can power “infinite possibilities”. One infinity is more than two, however, and that’s precisely what today’s announcements of new chips and integrated 5G New Radio solutions hint at.

Samsung Networks: Redefined also saw the company remind everyone that 6G is very much on its radar. In fact, the whole concept of “redefining” the future of wireless connectivity arguably rests on its ability to pave the way toward 6G solutions. No matter what those might constitute or how far away they actually are. Though the short answer is “pretty far away.”

A lot of Samsung‘s near-term ambitions in the 5G space are focused on Europe. Possibly because that’s where the largest contracts are being won right now. Long-term, the company’s goal is to strengthen its wireless offerings across the board and borders, alike. All as part of a large-scale diversification effort that’s seeing Samsung invest in quite an array of technologies beyond those immediately applicable to the world of consumer electronics.

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