Samsung partners with South Korean IT service firm to improve NEON

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are of great importance for every tech firm. Samsung has been improving its AI technologies for the past few years, but it is yet to match the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Google. Now, the South Korean firm has announced that it is partnering with a South Korean IT firm for improving its AI tech NEON.

Samsung Technology and Advanced Research Labs (STAR Labs) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CJ OliveNetworks Co. to create human-like algorithms for AI technologies. The two companies will create an “influencer” in the virtual world, and it can be used in various media content. Earlier this year, the company showcased NEON, an AI chatbot in the virtual human form. The software that powers NEON is CORE R3, and it is developed by STAR Labs.

Samsung is planning to improve NEON and use it in various areas, including customer reception, education, media, retail, and more. NEON can be a news anchor or a shopping host, depending on the implementation and the needs of the client. In the future, NEON will be offered in two enterprise models: NEON Content Creation and NEON Workforce.

STAR Labs, which is led by 39-year-old computer scientist Pranav Mistry, is also set to sign another partnership with a financial firm in South Korea in the near future. However, Samsung didn’t reveal the name of the firm. Mistry said, “We are excited to collaborate with CJ, the K-content leader. And neon technology will bring new changes to the way and scale of content creation.

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