Samsung, Kakao, and SK Telecom join hands to develop AI tech to fight COVID-19

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Samsung has announced that it has joined hands with SK Telecom and Kakao to develop AI (artificial intelligence) technologies that could help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The three companies have formed a joint research and development group to create an AI platform that can track infections and offer preventive advice to people.

The AI platform that Samsung, internet giant Kakao, and telecom giant SK Telecom are planning to develop will be completed by early next year. It is said to offer assistance in combating the COVID-19 pandemic by analyzing and predicting infection hotspots and recommending social distancing to people in those areas. It will also be able to answer disaster-related queries by voice. The companies plan to open the platform to developers and public institutions in the future. Other national and international firms could also be invited to join the AI platform.

Samsung, Kakao, and SK Telecom already offer AI-powered smart speakers, and they started pursuing joint AI projects earlier this year. Speaking of AI, Samsung is also working on NEON artificial humans, which are based on the technologies developed by the company’s own STAR Labs. NEONs are expected to be used in banking, customer care, healthcare, retail, and media sectors.

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