Samsung Internet Beta improves cross-device functionality and more

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A new update for the Samsung Internet Beta just dropped, introducing two key features to its Chromium-powered web-browsing experience. Numbers one, there’s a new bookmarks bar on offer. It’s an optional addition that you can enable by going to Settings Appearance. A tap of the accompanying toggle and you’re done.

Two, cross-device functionality has been improved in a big way. Go to Settings Useful features (duh) > Open links in other apps to start doing just that. If you own another Galaxy device, you can now not only share links, but browsing positions on individual pages between them.

Is Samsung Internet the best mobile browser ever?

With this addition, Samsung Internet makes yet another claim for the title of the ultimate mobile browser. If you haven’t been using it regularly so far, you really ought to give it a chance. No matter what other app you’re coming from.

Feature updates and refinements are a weekly occurrence, and the One UI 3.1 redesign is really beautiful to look at

Samsung Internet Beta version 14.2.1 debuted on the Google Play Store Thursday afternoon, CET. By now, the newest build of the Android app should be available for download worldwide. On the off chance you aren’t reading these lines on mobile already and the download isn’t showing up on your desktop, see if you can get it to install directly from your smartphone or tablet anyway. As there’s always a bit of a delay with the browser version of the Play Store due to caching and a few other things.

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