Samsung Internet 15.0 beta is out now with these great new features

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The beta version of Samsung Internet enables the company to test new features before they’re released to everyone The great thing about Samsung Internet beta is that anyone can download it. So if you feel like it, you can test new features before they become mainstream.

Today, Samsung Internet 15.0 beta has been rolled out. As you’d expect, Samsung has included new features that some of you may really want to try out. The latest beta version is now available for download.

Latest beta version brings new features

Samsung has been improving the security and privacy features of its web browser a lot recently. This has been a core area of focus for the company. Samsung Internet 15.0 beta introduces a new feature that protects you against fingerprinting. This practice tracks network use to correlate information about users.

With its enhanced anti-tracking technology, the latest Samsung Internet beta ensures you remain protected against this. Users now have more control over the data that the browser stores on their devices.

Not only can they delete the saved data, but they can also see exactly what’s being deleted. They can then choose whether they’d like to retain cached images and files or autofill forms. It’s great to see Samsung bring such granular controls that largely exist on desktop browsers to its mobile browser.

To improve user experience, the latest beta temporarily stores previous web pages so that users can revisit them without having to reload them. This reduces data usage as users browse through different webpages.

Secret mode has been improved as well. Once it’s enabled, the browser will remain in Secret mode even if the app is closed and relaunched. This eliminates additional steps for users when they want to activate the mode later on.

Lastly, Samsung Internet 15.0 beta brings an intuitive new search widget. Just place it on the home screen and use it to quickly search for information online either by typing or using voice input.

Samsung Internet 15.0 beta is now available for download from the Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store or you can just grab it from our APK page.

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