Samsung gives away $5 worth of Pokemon GO consumables for free

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Pokemon GO players are in for a treat, as Samsung is now giving away in-game items worth $5 for free. This is likely to make up for any issues Galaxy S20 owners may have had with the game not working on their brand new flagships, but the giveaway is not limited to Galaxy S20 owners. Any fan with a Samsung account can redeem a code for the Pokemon GO freebies.The giveaway lasts for a month and will end on June 7. Until then, Pokemon GO players can visit the company’s website, scroll down to the Gaming section where they’ll find an AR image of Meowth. Click/tap View Details to read more about the giveaway, click/tap Continue and sign in with your Samsung account to get your code via email.You can redeem the giveaway code at any time before June 7 and you’ll receive $5 worth of items in Pokemon GO for free, including 35 Poke Balls, 3 Incense, and 1 Poffin. These consumables are useful to Pokemon GO players new and old. Poffins were added to the game last December as a new consumable item that can be given to a Pokemon as a treat. Feeding a Pokemon a Poffin will boost its mood and make it stay with you on the map for 6 hours.

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