Samsung Germany unveils HDD-to-SSD upgrade and data transfer service

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The death of the HDD at the hands of the SSD has been a long time coming. It’s been sung for many years, and now, hot on heels of the Sony PlayStation 5 announcement, it looks like SSDs might finally be getting affordable enough to replace the old HDD solution in most situations, at least when data centers aren’t involved. Samsung is seemingly gearing up for this shift and it has launched a new service in Germany called the Samsung SSD Upgrade Service.Samsung Germany’s newly-unveiled Solid State Drive Upgrade Partner program allows retail partners in Germany, including MediaMarkt and Saturn, to offer HDD-to-SSD replacement and data transfer services to customers who want to upgrade their computers to the newer storage medium. The costs of upgrading and data transferring at one of these services hasn’t been mentioned, but it sounds like customers can supply their own SSDs as long as they’re Samsung-branded.Samsung Electronics’ Head of Product Marketing Storage, Susanne Hoffmann, reminds customer in Germany that they don’t have to spend a fortune to upgrade from an HDD to an SSD. The Samsung 860 QVO is a relatively-affordable SSD, costing 109.90 euros for 1TB of storage. Samsung is also developing new PICe Gen-4 SSDs with up to 8TB of storage, and it may even release an 8TB 970 QVO SSD as early as next month, therefore driving the costs of the lower-capacity SSD solutions down even further.Are you ready to abandon HDDs on your personal computer, or have you already made the switch to SSDs? Would you like to use Samsung’s SSD Upgrade Service to get the newer storage medium and transfer your data hassle-free? Check out Samsung Germany’s dedicated page and search for a partner near you. We’ll keep you posted if Samsung decides to introduce the SSD Upgrade Service to other markets outside of Germany.

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