How secure is Face Unlock? It’s supposed to be reliable but new reports tell us it’s not. Apparently, the Galaxy S10+ phone can be unlocked with a photograph of the owner. We’re not surprised because we’ve heard of similar situations but Samsung should know better already. A picture or a selfie of the user is enough to unlock the phone. We know this because it happened before. Facial unlock or facial recognition isn’t the smartphone’s only security and authentication feature but it’s one of the easiest.

The year started with us noting facial recognition tech still can be duped on some phones. Before 2018 ended, facial recognition technology on Android was found to be easily fooled by a fake head.

Android now offers face recognition support. However, facial recognition systems are still showing higher errors. shared how GALAXY S10 can be unlocked with a photo while Unbox Therapy shared a Samsung Galaxy S10 Unlock Hack. Watch the videos below:

As a quick solution, it’s recommended that safe unlocking methods are used instead. We suggest you go and settle for the fingerprint reader/scanner interested.

Face unlock security is important but it’s not the most secure at the moment. Samsung hasn’t shared anything related yet but we’re crossing our fingers a sound explanation will be given. If not, a related software update.