Samsung Galaxy Fold sold out in record time again, this time in Brazil

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Despite the Galaxy Fold launching in Brazil for more than $3,000, Samsung’s original foldable device has enjoyed as much success there as it did in pretty much every other market. The Galaxy Fold was officially confirmed to arrive in Brazil a week ago and it went on sale on January 22. Over the weekend, Samsung Brazil confirmed that the Galaxy Fold sold out in the country in less than 24 hours of availability.This really has become the default story for the Galaxy Fold. It seems like no matter where the foldable device is making a new appearance, there are enough buyers to deplete stocks in less than a day. It’s not even entirely clear if this speaks more in favor of the foldable device’s desirability or Samsung’s ability to supply new markets with just enough units to last for around 24 hours, creating a sense that demand is much higher than it actually is. Maybe it’s both.Whatever the case may be, the Galaxy Fold launched in Brazil for a premium price, even by the standards of a premium device, and sold out in record time. Limited stock or no, people still bought it like hotcakes, even now that the Galaxy Fold is literally closer to the Galaxy Z Flip‘s launch than it is to its own debut. There really seems to be a demand for foldable devices, and if the Galaxy Fold has yet to satiate this thirst then perhaps the Galaxy Z Flip will.

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