Samsung enhances The Frame with classical works of art from the masters

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As if everything about The Frame didn’t already scream “exquisite”, Samsung is bringing more classical works of art to its premium TV line. The company collaborated with Vienna, Austria-based Gallery Belvedere in order to refresh the selection of artistic screensavers available on its flagship TVs.

In total, there will be 17 new additions to the wallpaper collection to choose from. All hand-picked from the Belvedere’s existing collection of artworks from the classical masters. The highlight of the update revolves around French Impressionism and Austrian Baroque. Both of which are Belvedere’s specialties.

‘Art needs reliable partners’ – and Samsung wants to be one of them

Arguably the most famous of the lot is “The Kiss” by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. “Blooming Poppies” by Olga Wiesinger and Egon Schiele’s “Windows” are other notable additions to the line. And curiously enough, this news comes from Samsung’s Russian offices. And though the wording of the announcement implies global availability, we’re still waiting for confirmation of that being the case.

Still, Samsung did preface today’s news with a statement that “art needs reliable partners” in the technology word. With the implication being that it intends to continue being one of them. Not just in terms of featuring works from some of the most famous painters ever, but also by supporting indie artists. As an added publicity bonus, the company has previously gotten involved in solving art ctimes.

All that in the name of promoting the Frame TV series, which has been going strong for a handful of years by now. And given its strong focus on fine arts from day one, it’s reasonable to expect more similar initiatives from Samsung in the future.

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