Samsung donates over $5 million to India in its fight against COVID-19

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Samsung’s efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 in India have extended further, and the company announced today a contribution of INR 20 crore ($2.64 million) to the Union and State governments in India.Furthermore, the company will be donating INR 15 crore ($1.97 million) to the PM Cares Fund that was established on March 28 to help against the coronavirus outbreak and future pandemics. An additional INR 5 crore ($658,000) will be donated by Samsung to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.Samsung is matching its employees’ donationsThanks to a recent update to Samsung Pay a couple of weeks ago, every Indian citizen can contribute funds to the PM Cares Fund directly through their Galaxy smartphones and tablets.Samsung India is now widening its contribution. The company will match its employees’ donations, with the total amount being given to the PM Cares Fund in the coming weeks.Samsung also supported hospitals in Noida with medical equipment including masks and personal preventive equipment (PPE). It has donated public address systems, air purifiers, infra-red thermometers, as well as digital X-ray and digital ultrasound machines to hospitals and other facilities.As for its end users, Samsung India hopes its Service Vans will soon be operational once again but hasn’t given any specific dates, which is understandable given the COVID-19 situation in the country. For the time being, customers will benefit from an extended warranty.

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