Samsung backs talented youth in fight against inequality

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Samsung is backing a handful of talented youth from all corners of the planet in their global fight against inequality. The company confirmed as much just moments ago, revealing yet another milestone in an ambitious undertaking called Generation 17. This initiative was started in partnership with the United Nations back in October and appears to be pretty much guaranteed to continue moving ahead for the foreseeable future.

The idea behind the movement was firing up today’s tech-savvy youth. I.e., finding ways to motivate them into contributing to a variety of highly progressive initiatives seeking the betterment of all mankind

The 2020 pandemic only these young people’ resolve to make a difference

There are 17 such goals in total, hence the name of the campaign. While announcing today’s latest youth ambassadors, Samsung officials said the youth at the center of Generation 17 already made progress on 10 of those issues since October. The mission list includes noble objectives such as combating inequality, pursuing more sustainable economic policies, and championing tolerance, among other such endeavors.

One of the four youth activists joining the front lines of Generation 17 is 26-year-old Yejin Choi, a Korean entrepreneur and therapist who spearheaded development of a mobile app seeking to boost early-age education opportunities for children with disabilities. Brazilian Daniel Calarco, Ukrainian Yurii Romashko, and Lebanese Nadine Kaouli all have similarly socially impactful stories.

After all, their individual efforts are what yielded this opportunity in the first place. And last year’s pandemic only strengthened the resolve of everyone involved, according to the campaign. Come to think of it, that particular sentiment does seem kind of familiar.

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