Samsung approves over $40 million worth of R&D projects

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Samsung greenlit another series of research and development projects, valued at over 46 billion won, which amounts to some $41 million USD, going by today’s exchange rate. The move spans 27 individual initiatives from three South Korean universities covering IT, basic science, and materials engineering.

Naturally, artificial intelligence projects are part of the effort, as well. And while genetics haven’t been a huge focus of Samsung Science in the past, it would seem that might change in the future. Because part of the funding will go toward scientific pursuits involving niche fields such as DNA sequencing.

From quantum light sourcing to AI

The Seoul National University will receive a portion of the funding for projects involving machine learning. Those will predominantly revolve around the development of new models for study and various real-world applications. Samsung is also funding the Pohang University of Science and Technology as part of the same investment wave. POSTECH projects enabled by the funding will be in the field of molecular chemistry, focused on improving material conversion efficiency, which could deliver a significant boost to an array of manufacturing techniques.

The Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology is the final recipient of the newly announced funding, which will go toward continuing its work in a nascent field of quantum light sourcing. Quantum light source technology is capable of withstanding extremely low temperatures and has some developing applications in cryptography. The entirety of the funding will be released over the course of this quarter, underlining a record ten-year period for Samsung’s R&D investments amounting to more than $1.3 billion.

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