Replace your Xbox Bluray player with these 4K UHD Bluray Players

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4K UHD player to complement your Xbox Series S
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As video game consoles move to a more digital ecosystem, you may be wondering what to do with the 4K Blu-ray collection you have been amassing. With the arrival of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft has given us a compelling next-gen console with no way to play our movie collection. Here are some choices of 4K UHD Blu-ray players to make up for what the Series S lacks.

Super sharp visuals

The Xbox Series S is compelling for several reasons, one being the cost. Microsoft can offer it so cheap is because of the removal of the disc drive and the mechanical components that go with it. Unfortunately for us who want that next-gen experience but don’t want to lose our physical media libraries, it means we will have to look elsewhere.

The best choice for that “elsewhere” is the Sony UBP-X700. With its crystal sharp visuals, Wi-Fi for streaming, and excellent price tag, the Sony scores high in every metric.

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