Ready for some weirdo art and a Samsung story? Of course you are

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Samsung is partnering with British auction (power)house Sotheby’s after someone over in London realized they’re a few TVs short for their upcoming exhibit. Also, just of the brand value at play. And the occasion? Called Natively Digital: A Curated NFT Sale, this has got to be one of the weirdest-looking art portfolios in the history of bizarre art. And it’s art, so it’s weird by definition.

Samsung never could resist the showbiz allure, and to be frank, tie-ups such as the one announced today certainly make for one heck of a PR piece. Oh, the story, right, here it goes: Samsung’s doing its part at the ongoing digital auction by – lending some TVs, duh.

One art taste, please. Oh, and an 8K TV, if you will.

That’s according to its British office which announced the partnership just earlier today. Of course, these aren’t just any TVs that are going Sotheby’s way, but the very best 4K and 8K pieces Samsung ever made. The vivid QLED image is supposed to ennoble the viewing experience or something of the sort. And yes, ennoble is a word. One particularly befitting this sophisticated PR stunt, mind you.

What else to say of art? It’s probably too early to predict whether this curious mash-up will develop into a more permanent partnership, either domestically or abroad. What is sure, however, is that neither Samsung nor Sotheby’s are lacking in office space outside of the UK… I mean, Europe. Such a turn of events thus definitely doesn’t sound impossible..

Some pretty old art, actually, seeing how one of the most prominent leitmotifs of the exhibit is to reframe historic works. The digital happening is running from today through June 10th.

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