Protect your Surface Duo in style with this new cover from Noreve

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Noreve just launched the Microsoft Surface Duo Leather Cover. The cover protects the Surface Duo while still allowing it to rotate 320 degrees. The cover comes in a variety of colors and materials, including synthetic leather and vegan leather. The Noreve Microsoft Surface Duo Leather Cover starts at $64.

The cover is more of a traditional case with cutouts for the Surface Duo’s camera and charging ports. Noreve also has pouches for the Surface Duo if you prefer to wrap your Surface Duo up while tucked away but have it on its own in your hands.

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The Noreve Microsoft Surface Duo Leather Cover has plenty of customization options as well. You can add rear card slots, engraving, a rear loop phone grip, or even a necklace to the cover. Noreve is even nice enough to give you an option to show off the Noreve logo or not.

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