[Poll] Still interested in Samsung’s Android Wear watches? Google is

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Android Wear on Samsung hardware is a big deal post-2016. Regardless of whether or not you’ve forgotten that it was a deal in the first place, which I totally did not and it absolutely is. You know, as absolute as such a statement can be, not coming directly from Samsung. But don’t worry, that’s still pretty absolute, for all intents and purposes.

And I should know, I make predictions about Samsung-affiliated and adjacent things for a living.
This naturally makes be pretty good at them, complementing the only aspect of my character – sarcasm. What I’m not good at for real, however, is reading people’s minds.

Look at the clock: Is it time for Samsung to show Google how good products are made? Again?

Hence this poll – read your minds out loud and of your own volition, human, so that we can proceed with the act of discussing the contents thereof. Deal? When the news of this now-public secret first broke out some months ago, quite a few of our readers sounded pretty excited about the prospect of an Android Wear wearable made by a company that knows how to make hardware.

There’s got to be an Apple joke somewhere in here. Hey, maybe it’s behind this conveniently placed poll! And if not, check out the weekly giveaway thread and let me know, pretty please:

Still interested in Samsung’s Android Wear watches?

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