[Poll] How many chargers do you have lying around for our no-charger-in-box future?

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A report this week suggested that Samsung could stop shipping chargers in the box with new devices. The move would enable Samsung to further improve its margins on handsets, particularly mid-range devices that have razor-thin margins as it is.

As you’d probably imagine, this possibility hasn’t excited a lot of people. We’re used to getting a charger with our new devices, no matter if it costs $100 or $1,000. The assumption being made is that most customers already have multiple devices so they’re not exactly short on chargers.

That does make sense to an extent. I use the one charger I have on my nightstand to charge my phone and do have more than a couple in spare that are still in the boxes of devices I’ve used over the years. Then again, most people don’t review phones for a living and don’t have multiple devices on hand.

You could use the USB Type-C charger you got with your Galaxy Tab S6 to charge your Galaxy S20 Ultra, though, and that’s the expectation that Samsung seems to have. Or the expectation that customers should now get used to the BYOC (bring your own charger) future and invest in one that they’re going to use even if they sell their previous devices.

If that future ends up being imposed on you, how many chargers do you have lying around that would eliminate the need for you to buy a separate one? Vote below and share your thoughts about this with us in the comments section.

How many chargers do you have lying around for our no-charger-in-box future?

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