[Poll] Do you miss wireless charging on your Samsung Galaxy A?

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Samsung’s Galaxy A series extends from the low end of the market to the upper-mid-range segment, offering prospective buyers a choice at nearly every price point. The user experience will vary depending on what model you’re using, but some characteristics – or lack thereof – are shared between all of the Galaxy A models. One such characteristic is the fact that they all lack wireless charging capabilities.Wireless charging has been one of the selling points of Samsung’s flagship phones for years now. The feature is expected from every new top-tier Galaxy smartphone hitting the market, but the same cannot be said for the Galaxy A series; even for the 2020 lineup.We’d like to hear our readers’ opinions regarding wireless charging capabilities. Flagship owners don’t usually switch to a mid-range device once they go high-end, but if you’ve done that and you’re now using a Galaxy A device then the question is, do you miss wireless charging? Or have you found that it wasn’t as important for you as you initially thought? How big of an incentive is wireless charging for you, and would you be more inclined to buy a smartphone from the Galaxy A series if it would have wireless charging capabilities? Vote in the poll below, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.Do you miss wireless charging on your Samsung Galaxy A?

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