[Poll] Are you using Samsung’s 45W charger for the Galaxy S20 Ultra/Note 10+?

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When you buy a flagship smartphone these days, one of the features you expect it to have is speedy charging. Samsung’s flagships made the jump to the company’s new ‘Super Fast Charging’ technology last year with the Galaxy S20 5G, followed by the Galaxy Note 10 series. The Galaxy S20 lineup supports super fast charging as well, and so do some mid-range Galaxy devices, like the Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy A70, and Galaxy A71.There are two versions of Samsung’s super fast charger: A 25W charger and a 45W charger. The Galaxy Note 10+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra both support up to 45W charging, and so does the Galaxy S10 Lite. However, Samsung doesn’t bundle the 45W charger in the box. It’s a separate purchase for those who want it, and frankly, we don’t see much point in buying it as it doesn’t make an enormous difference in charging speeds over the 25W charger that comes bundled with all the aforementioned devices.The Galaxy S20 Ultra, for example, takes merely 60 minutes to go from 0 to 100 with the 25W charger, which is plenty fast any way you look at it. That said, the 45W charger does charge both the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy S20 Ultra faster than the 25W charger, especially in the first half hour or so. And there’s no harm in getting the most out of a flagship phone you paid a thousands dollars for, even if you may not see a major benefit in doing so.Many of you who ascribe to that philosophy probably purchased Samsung’s 45W charger and are using it with your Galaxy Note 10+ or Galaxy S20 Ultra, though we’re assuming most of our readers simply use the 25W charger they received in the box. And, in our latest poll, we want to know which camp you fall in. Go ahead and vote below, and then feel free to elaborate on your response in the comments section!Are you using Samsung’s 45W charger for your Galaxy S20 Ultra/Note 10+?

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