Amidst the Pocophone F1 light bleeding debacle, Poco India released a statement explaining how it will help solve the issue and what’s causing it.

There’s a number of users complaining about a backlight bleeding issue on their handsets. It also appears to be pretty widespread and hence the statement below.

So according to the read above, just 0.3% of the units are affected by the light bleed and Poco India is encouraging its customers to visit their nearest service center. As for the rest of the handsets, Poco claims it’s a software issue – a gradient color that may look like uneven backlighting. The company promised to remove the gradient in the upcoming MIUI 10 update since people didn’t like it.

Yet a current Pocophone F1 user says he’s been on the latest MIUI 10 Global Beta version for the phone and the so-called gradient is still present. It could either be that his is one of the affected units or that the issue has nothing to do with the software and all Poco is going to do is try and mask it.

Only time will tell and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on how this develops.