Oppo Watch 2 will drop on 27 July – new tech could mean longer battery

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The Oppo Watch 2 will launch on 27 July, as the company looks to build on the success of last year’s smartwatch debut.

The launch and existance of the smarwtartch has been officially confirmed by Oppo on Weibo, the Chinese social media network, but there are a fair amount of leaks revealing the details of what we might expect.

The design of the Oppo Watch looks remarkably unchanged from the teaser pictures. Remember that the last version came in 41mm and 46mm versions, but there’s no word on multiple sizes for the Oppo Watch 2 yet.

But there does look to be a change in technology under the hood.

The great news is that the Oppo Watch looks to be running a Snapdragon 4100 processor, which will offer the best performance and a clear path to running the forthcoming Wear OS update. It also seems likely that it will run Color OS on top of Wear OS, just as it did with the original.

However, it seems as if Oppo will also run its own chipset in parallel, which rumors suggest is an Apollo4s chip, which has been jointly developed by Oppo and Ambiq. The role of this second chip, it seems, is to help the Oppo Watch 2 hand off more features to the low power processor, thus extending battery life. There’s no word on what that battery life estimate could be.

However, the Oppo Watch 2 could feature new fast charging capabilities as well.

Last year’s Oppo Watch excelled in our in-depth review, and has become one of the best choices on the Wear OS platform.

Couple improved battery life and hardware, with the improvements heralded in Wear OS 3.0, including Fitbit-based activity tracking, and the Oppo Watch 2 could be very exciting indeed.

We’ll know more after the event on 27 July.

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