Oppo shares the wrong Find X2 weight, offers refunds

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Oppo’s Vice President, Shen Yiren, addressed company’s fans on Weibo and apologized for the mistake they’ve made on Find X2‘s product page. It seems that the glass and ceramic versions of the Find X2, both have been listed with lower than actual weight on the product page.

Oppo shares the wrong Find X2 weight, offers refunds

The glass Find X2 has been listed with a weight of 187g while it’s actually 192g while the discrepancy between the actual and listed weight of the ceramic version is even higher – 196g versus 209g. The Find X2 Pro ceramic version was also listed with about 10 grams lower weight.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal with the biggest error being just under 7%, but if you feel cheated worry not. The company will fully refund all customers that have already purchased either of the phones and have changed their minds because of the heavier than expected body. It’s nice to see the company taking responsibility, but we are curious to see if anybody will actually take advantage of the offer.

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