OnePlus 6T AMA Reddit

OnePlus is doing an Essential move. No, it’s not canceling a next-gen phone but it’s holding AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on Reddit. Well, we know Essential isn’t the only company that does this but this move of OnePlus greatly reminded us of what the Essential team was doing for the past year. We missed the OnePlus AMA session but we reviewed the thread and transcript where OnePlus answered queries and questions of OnePlus fans and curious people from all over the world.

The session happened last November 1, 11AM (EDT). It was live from New York City and from wherever the OnePlus executives were at the time. The event was scheduled to celebrate the open sales day in North America.

Here are some salient information we gathered from the questions and their respective answers:

Q: How are you going to take care of the missing notifications LED?
A: You can enable tap to wake to make it start reading your fingerprint after a tap.

Q: Any plans to add always-on display to the 6T? Especially with the larger battery I would love to see this feature.
A: Always on Display is a great feature to have on a smartphone. However, we are still considering the functional value vs power consumption of this feature before we implement it.

Q: Is the trade in program US only or will it be available globally ?? I live in Europe, Croatia to be precise, and still own 1+1, will i be able to trade in my 1+1 ??
A: If you’re talking about the T-Mobile US program, that’s something that they run. Our operator partners in Europe might be running their own, different programs, as well. On, we run our own trade-in program. It covers Europe, and covers the OnePlus One. You can find a link in the footer of our main website.

Q: What is the probability of the studio lighting, nightscape and navigation gesture 2.0 features making its way in the 5/5T?
A: Camera features are dependent on hardware and might not be available on older models, but software improvements such as Gestures 2.0 and smart boost will be available on all 5 and 5T

Q: This was by far the best launch yet from the fantastic OnePlus team my question is: what features from the OnePlus 6T are you most excited about?
A: Screen Unlock. It’s so futuristic and science fiction, yet it’s already here!

Q: Is there any chance for a popup event/mobile carrier launch in Eastern Europe?
A: One step at a time. We want to share our technology experiences with as many as possible, but can only focus on a couple of things at a time, if we want to do them well.

Q: Can you see in the future of OnePlus merge into the IOT (Internet of Things) or augmented reality?
A: If we don’t focus, we won’t have a chance of getting close to something great. No plans for new categories as of now, but even if we add new categories, we will do so in a slow and steady way.