Oculus is working on the Oculus Rift’s stuttering issues

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An Oculus staff member recently shared on Reddit that the company is aware of a stuttering issue that appeared recently for Oculus Rift users. The issue causes game framerates to drop intermittently, hand tracking to stutter, and other issues that make games difficult or impossible to play. The Oculus staff member ShowbizDonkey states that the Oculus team “has successfully reproduced the framerate / performance issue that some of you have described. They will use this to identify, test, and verify a fix.”

Several people shared their experience with the stuttering issues on the Oculus forums. While the issue only seems to affect some systems, it’s widespread enough to cause frustration. One person went as far as to say that “Every day there are three or more posts exactly like this one.” While that might be an exaggeration, searching for “stuttering” in the Oculus forums shows several threads from multiple weeks.

The issue seems connected to version 12.1 of the Oculus Rift’s software. Many people point out that they saw the issues after upgrading from version 12 to version 12.1.

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