We haven’t had a chance to fully test Norton’s new 360 computer protection programs, including AntiVirus Plus. But we’ve studied independent lab test results and read plenty of user feedback to get an idea of how well it works, its overall value and what is included. Couple that with our past experience testing older versions of the program and here is everything we know about Norton AntiVirus Plus right now.

Secure and protect

Norton AntiVirus Plus


Bottom line: It’s expensive, though first-time users can get a decent discount. You do get a firewall, password manager and online backup storage, which is impressive for a basic antivirus program.


  • Good protection
  • Extra security tools
  • Light use of resources

What users love about Norton AntiVirus Plus

Norton has always impressed with how well it recognizes and stops all types of malware including viruses, spyware, keyloggers, Trojans, rootkits, and ransomware. In our past tests of Norton’s antivirus software, it earned a near-perfect score each time. Most internet threats were stopped before they could download to our computers, and phishing schemes were marked with warning messages. We could see details of each tagged threat stopped by Norton when we clicked the Details link in the browser message. The new Norton AntiVirus Plus software has earned perfect scores from other third-party testing facilities, and we anticipate an equally impressive performance when we get a chance to fully test it, too.

One improvement we’re hearing from users is that Norton doesn’t take up as much of your computer resources as its older versions have. In our tests, we’ve always seen Norton cause noticeable slowdown to whichever device we are using. In fact, a couple of months before the release of Norton AntiVirus Plus, we were testing Norton’s programs on mobile devices and it became increasingly frustrating waiting a long time for our phones and tablets to catch up to where we needed them to be each time we tried to open a browser or app or send an instant message, email or text. However, most feedback from Norton users is that the new programs are much lighter on your system and you shouldn’t have any issues with drag.

Norton AntiVirus Plus includes an impressive amount of extra security tools. In reality, this makes AntiVirus Plus a bit better than a basic security program and puts it on par with other company’s higher-tiered internet security programs. These include a password manager, a personal firewall and 2GB of online backup storage.

Norton AntiVirus Plus is more than a basic malware program with extra tools like a firewall and online backup storage.

The firewall monitors your network and everything communicating with your computer through your internet connection. Usually, your home service is pretty secure, but having a firewall on when connected to a public hot spot is essential since this is where a lot of dangerous communication tends to happen. But it’s helpful to monitor your personal connection, too, since no one security measure or program is infallible.

The password manager holds all your complicated passwords used to log into online accounts in one, secure folder. This manager both secures passwords from being swiped and makes them easily accessible by you when you need to remember a password or two. The extra protections around the password manager make it difficult for keyloggers and other prying eyes to snatch login credentials, steal your identity or swipe bank, credit card and other account information.

Good protection against ransomware is backing up your computer. Norton gives its AntiVirus Plus users 2GB of online storage where you can keep sensitive documents and program files so if you are attacked by ransomware, you can still get to your information and even recover your computer.

What irks users about AntiVirus Plus

You will not like the price tag of this program. Norton AntiVirus Plus is $60 for one user license, though it can be used for Windows or Mac, or Android and iOS devices. This is substantially higher than other basic antivirus software programs that you can get between $30 and $40, and several come with multiple user licenses. Norton does, often, offer an introductory price for first time users, which does help, but just be prepared to pay the full amount in a year when your subscription comes due.

It’s also important to note that the deal Norton has been heavily promoting regarding LifeLock’s partnership and its included identity theft monitoring service doesn’t come with AntiVirus Plus. This deal is only for users that purchase one of Norton’s higher, all-inclusive computer protection programs, that start around $150 per year.

Is Norton AntiVirus Plus a good deal? Here’s what we think.

If you’re looking for a basic antivirus program, Norton AntiVirus Plus is a bit too pricy for that. There are several other programs that protect your computer very well without the $60 price tag, like Webroot’s SecureAnywhere AntiVirus. You could argue the additional tools, like the online backup storage, personal firewall and password manager, are worth the higher cost, and it is comparable to other internet security programs that have these features. However, internet security programs tend to include more features, like safe banking tools and a VPN, which are missing from Norton AntiVirus Plus. Because of this, unless you’re a die-hard Norton user, we suggest looking at other solutions before your commit to buy.

4 out of 5

The feedback we’re hearing from Norton users is pretty positive. The new AntiVirus Plus program doesn’t cause the amount of lag previous versions of Norton has, and it still does an excellent job stopping internet threats. It also comes with an impressive amount of extra security tools, like a password manager and firewall, plus a couple gigs for online backup storage. This program is pretty pricey, though, unless you’re a new user to take advantage of the offered discount. And we haven’t had the opportunity to fully test this program, yet, to see if it meets the great acclaim it’s getting. Still, knowing how well Norton has performed in the past we feel it’s worth a decent overall score.

Secure and protect

Norton AntiVirus Plus

Secures against malware threats

Norton AntiVirus Plus not only protects you from online threats but also secures sensitive files from ransomware and hackers. It monitors your internet connection with an included firewall.

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