No Man’s Sky lets you make furry friends in the new Companions update

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The focus of the Companions update is on the creatures in No Man’s Sky. One of the biggest draws of No Man’s Sky is the diverse life that players can find on countless planets, which vary wildly in size, shape, and characteristics. Players could already feed, milk, and even ride some of these creatures, but now Companions lets players do so much more. This update includes:

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  • Adopt creatures and bond with them over time
  • Creatures have unique personalities based on their species, home, and more
  • Creatures can communicate with you through a neural harness linked with your Exosuit
  • Creatures can have different reactions when meeting other travelers and creatures
  • Play, feed, and pet your creature
  • Train your companion to do a variety of tasks, including:
    • Scan for resources
    • Mark hazards
    • Provide light
    • Hunt other dangerous creatures
    • Find settlements
    • Excavate buried treasure
    • Mine for materials
  • Breed your companion with a variety of features, including:
    • Lay eggs
    • Incubate eggs
    • Genetically modify eggs to change the species of your creature over time
    • Trade eggs with fellow travelers
  • Customize your creature with accessories and decals

No Man’s Sky is available now on Xbox and PC, and can even be played through Xbox Game Pass. If you haven’t played yet, or if it’s been a while, jumping in through Xbox Game Pass is the best way to play. The No Man’s Sky team even mentioned the success of launching on Xbox Game Pass, which “saw several million new travelers warp into the universe for the first time.” Learn the basics with our No Man’s Sky Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

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