The Nike Adapt BB test here at CNet. Our in house B-boy Alfred is gonna do some stress testing. All the way tightest setting. Go ahead let’s do it. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, they seem to work. [MUSIC] It’s the dead of winter here in New York. It’s freezing. But we got an invite to Nike’s headquarters where they’re gonna be announcing the new self lacing sneaker. I’m excited to try it. Let’s go check it out. I’m happy to introduce Nike [INAUDIBLE] They just gave me the new Nike ad that beebe’s self-lacing sneakers. It comes with an app. So as soon as you launch the at it connects with your sneakers now every time you close down the app it disconnects to save battery. But as you can see it just it syncs up very easy. So let me throw them on. They’re already pretty snug to lace them up. You just play with the app here. That’s for the left one. An interesting sensation and the right one. They can’t you probably can’t hear it from here. But it makes this loud motor e sound where it laces up and these. This is the tightest my shoes have ever been. I’m the type of guy that keeps my sneakers very loose, so this is very strange to me. But if I was an athlete, a basketball player, I could see why you would want them this tight. All right, so just so you can hear them, let me take this one off. And I’m gonna lace the left one and hold them up to the mic just so you can hear how loud it is. [MUSIC] Pretty damn loud.>> [MUSIC] These are the Nike adapt BBs OTF, that stands for On the Feet, for those that speak sneaker head. So Nike is known for innovating with sneaker technology. It all started with the waffle pattern and the running shoes. And then they introduced the air We saw [UNKNOWN] Air, Air Max, we even saw Shox, and now we got the self lacing sneakers. We seen these in a couple pairs of shoes. The difference is these are a little cheaper. Still expensive at $350, but we’re actually going to see some NBA players wear them on the court. So this is the Adapt app right here. You need this to sync up with your sneakers. Now, right when you launch it you’re gonna see that they connect really quick, all the way down means the left shoe and the right shoe are all the way loose. So, if I wanna tighten it up all the way to bring them both up and I can feel them slowly going up, I hear the loud motor going. If you wanna completely kill it, hit that one right there And right here, this is where you can set modes, if you prefer them a little bit looser or in different settings, so if you want a cool down mode, you can set that all up right here, and right here, you can customize the colors. So, if you see, this will change the color on the side of the sneaker and as a little bit of customization there. And then battery life is right here, as you can see I have 42% on the left sneaker, 43% on the right. And I’ve already seen these go down by at least 5% since I’ve been here. There’s a wireless charging pad you can set y our sneakers on to charge. If you wanna run a quick game, you can put them on for 15 minutes, it’ll last a full game. If wanted to fully charge them, you would set them on the pad for three to four hours. And it’ll last ten to 14 days, [MUSIC] All right, let me take these off really quick. Now the technology inside is what Nike is calling the brain, which is a motor built inside, and that’s actually what communicates with the app so that you can lace the sneakers. And one thing to note also, you don’t need to use the app to lace them up. These are also buttons so you can loosen and tighten them. So now let’s look at the sneakers from a style perspective. I’m personally more of a fan of classics, so I don’t know about the way this looks. Instantly, it reminded me of the old Gary Paytons. Those were the first sneakers I saw that had Kind of cover the laces. One thing that sticks out to me, I’ve always been a fan of customizing your laces, having them really loose or putting fat laces or even doubling them up. You don’t have that option here. Some is curious to see how sneaker heads or people that just are really into sneaker culture, that may take to this, are this gonna be worn Strictly for performance or will fashion be a key component? [MUSIC] [NOISE] Comin’ at ya! I’m comin’ at ya! You better watch out! [LAUGH]

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