New teaser on Flipkart marks the return of Vaio laptops

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A new teaser on Indian online retailer Flipkart signifies the return of a once prominent brand of laptops. Back in 2014, Sony sold its Vaio laptop business. From what I can personally remember, Sony-made Vaio laptops had excessive amounts of bloatware and were priced much higher than the competition.

New teaser on Flipkart marks the return of Vaio laptops

Following the brand’s years-long hiatus, a Flipkart teaser simply reads “Lighter than your past”. Teasing the brand’s return to retail. The teaser is a play on laptops from the era that Vaio ceased making laptops. Windows notebooks were large and ran hot while ultra-portables of the time were slow and pricey.

In January, the brand will officially unveil her first AMD model together with another model specially design for the modern office and start selling from one of the leading e-commerce portal – Flipkart, then to further extend to other major retail channels.” – Seema Bhatnagar, Regional Business Director for South Asia, RSD, NexstGo.

A new deal with Hong Kong-based company NexstGo granted the company the rights to market, sell, and service Vaio laptops in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, Middle East, and India.

The last time we heard about Vaio was back in 2017 when the Vaio Phone A was coming – though it was very economical and generic and had no chance of getting noticed.


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