Need 16 TB of storage? Check out this Cyber Monday offer from Seagate

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When it comes to disk storage, for some, you can never have enough. If you’re into photography or making movies, or simply love storing content on a home solution rather than in the cloud, this Cyber Monday deal might be ideal for you.

The Seagate 16TB Storage Drive does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a relatively small unit that sports Seagate’s familiar black, pyramid-texture design with rubberized feet, designed to be stood upright. The drive requires more power due to its size and thus has a dedicated AC adapter alongside its USB connector.

If you’re interested in this deal from B&H and Amazon, be sure to act fast, since it’s only available from now through to midnight. The deal nets you a sizeable $40 saving overall, which is rather nice if you need the extra storage space.

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Seagate 16tb Drive Storage

Source: Seagate

For modern computers running Windows 7 or higher, this storage device requires no special set up parameters or software. Simply connect all the cables, plug in the USB to your laptop or PC, and you’re all set up and ready to go.

If you’re wondering why you might ever need 16TB, it’s generally for storing large uncompressed media files. If you’re a photographer or movie maker working at high resolutions, the RAW file formats that contain zero data compression can result in truly massive file sizes. Recording 4K footage from a video game console or a PC can also create very large files if you record for a long time. For those who need the extra storage, this deal is pretty sweet.

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