Most used Samsung app in the USA? The answer isn’t what you think

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A study by Comscore has shed light on some interesting stats for the most used applications on Android and iOS. To nobody’s surprise, pre-installed default apps dominate the list on each platform. Others are mostly social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with e-commerce sites like Amazon and Walmart. There are two Samsung apps on that list, too, but they aren’t what you think.

Samsung makes its first appearance at number 13 with Samsung Calculator, of all apps. It has 38.5 million active monthly users. One would expect Samsung Health or Samsung Pay to be on there. However, Samsung Email is the only other app that made it to the top 20, with a ranking of 19 and a monthly user base of 25.8 million users.

Top 20 Android app Samsung

Then again, this study only observed habits for users based in the United States for a rather small sample set of users. Samsung has a paltry 27% market share in the region, compared to Apple’s 49%. Besides, most Android users almost certainly stick with well-established apps such as Google Maps and Gmail  instead of OEM-specific alternatives. Take the Galaxy Store, for example; although it come pre-installed on all Samsung smartphones, users still prefer the familiarity — and quality — of the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, the test methodology for the survey appears to be somewhat flawed, as it doesn’t distinguish between different Android OEMs. That could be the reason why more commonly-used Samsung apps are missing from the list and seemingly obscure ones like Samsung Calculator and Samsung Email got noticed.

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