Social Media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have popularized mobile photography by giving everyone a platform to share moments, memories and experiences through their Smartphone lens. However, with numerous software and technology freely available on the market, mobile photographers easily feel overwhelmed. Even will all the cool apps and tools; it is essential as a photographic enthusiast to stick to the basics when it comes to taking the perfect photos and uploading them online.

3 Things every photographer should remember

  1. Avoid Over-Editing Your Photographs

You’ve spent a great deal of time taking amazing shots – why spoil your photographs with over-processing? Applying on-camera skills when shooting your subjects will help you avoid heavy editing of your pictures. When it finally comes to clean them up, you want to keep the photos as natural as possible therefore, start by adjusting the contrast, exposure and temperature however you see fit.

Later, if it is portraiture, you can apply a face and body retouch but make sure not to overdo it. Using an app like RetouchMe will get you a professional retouch perfect for your style and theme. Check out the application website for more info.

  1. Keep Your Phone Steady As You Shoot

Ensuring stabilization when taking Smartphone photos is essential to preventing blur shots. The most common scenario is shooting indoors or on locations with limited lighting. If you cannot use extra light or change your environment, then take multiple shots (burst mode), so you can pick the perfect frame. Also, there are Smartphone stabilization accessories like tripods and gimbals which you can invest in to take crisp, sharp photographs.

Regardless, whenever you’re shooting on your mobile devices, always practice patience as this will help you be ready to take that perfect shot. Some of your photos will be excellent while other not so much impressive. The critical thing is to keep shooting, learning and honing your skills.

  1. Have the End Goal in Mind

What do you want to achieve with your Smartphone photography? You may be interested in capturing the vastness of the earth with its stunning landscapes, or maybe you what to project different emotions through portraiture. Regardless, it is very crucial to have an overarching goal or theme in mind before picking up the phone to shoot.

That is not to mean you cannot combine two or more themes; you can still do landscape and portraits but with unique flair like using a consistent old school film look. Having a consistent outlook will help your audience identify more with your work and build your brand.

Final Thoughts

Keeping these basics in mind will help in building your capacity when it comes to mobile photography. With a solid goal, a common theme, better on camera capturing skills and elegant photo editing, you can quickly grow from a beginner to a professional photographer; build up your brand and online audience and be at the best possible position to take up new opportunities when they present themselves. All said and done, be sure to enjoy your mobile photography journey. Get out and explore!

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