Minecraft: Java Edition 1.16.4 Pre-Release 2 prepares for account migration

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Minecraft: Java Edition is back again with another snapshot for the upcoming 1.16.4 release, which will likely be the final patch update for the Nether Update before we start seeing parts of the future Caves and Cliffs Update. The latest snapshot is 1.16.4 Pre-Release 2, and isn’t significant just for its bug fixes or its proximity to the public release of 1.16.4, but rather because it begins to prepare the Java Edition of Minecraft to migrate Mojang Accounts to Microsoft Accounts.

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Throughout the rest of the year and into 2021, Java Edition players will be able to enjoy superior security, better privacy settings, and more convenient access using a Microsoft Account instead of the older Mojang Accounts.

If you’re interested, you can learn how to enroll in Minecraft: Java Edition betas. The 1.16.4 Pre-Release 2 changelog includes:

General changes

  • When logging in with a Microsoft account, players blocked in your account are now also blocked in the game and account restrictions are now respected
  • A button to open a link to the Accessibility Guide can now be found in the Accessibility Options screen

Social interactions

  • The status of a player is now listed below their name on the Social Interactions screen
  • A new tab is available to filter by Blocked players in the Social Interactions screen
  • Chat from blocked players is always hidden
  • Realms invites from blocked players are hidden

Bug fixes

  • Slider bar on social menu appears broken
  • Cursor in Social Interactions & Recipe Book & Anvil menu doesn’t blink
  • Social Interaction Screen says players for 1 player
  • Social Interactions search bar does not stay selected when switching tabs, although the cursor remains
  • Opening the Social Interactions menu in a singleplayer world open to LAN after attempting to join an outdated multiplayer server displays the name of the outdated server instead of the name of the current world
  • Social Interactions search box entries can go out of the box
  • Outdated server warn text doesn’t actually exist
  • Social Interaction Toast icon doesn’t render properly with Programmer Art resource pack
  • Divide by zero error in the Ender dragon entity class can cause a server crash and infinite velocity

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