Minecraft Dungeons may be delayed due to coronavirus

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Minecraft Dungeons is an upcoming dungeon crawler for a number of platforms. In the past, we’ve reported that it takes the dungeon crawler formula built by classics like Diablo and places it in the Minecraft Universe. You can team up with friends to explore, take down creepers, and recover the best loot. There’s a lot of replayability because the levels are procedurally generated.

Minecraft Dungeons has a release date of April 2020, but it seems like the game may be delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Today, the official Twitter account said the following.

Hopefully, the developers will stay safe and healthy while governments around the world can hopefully contain the pandemic. We’ve waited this long for the game, so a little longer won’t hurt anyone as long as everyone makes it through.

Are you excited for Minecraft Dungeons? What do you find the most appealing about it? Let us know.

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