Microsoft teased Windows 11 in a series of tweets, but what do they mean?

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Windows 11 Widget Surface ProSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

We’re only a few hours away from the official announcement of Windows 11. Microsoft’s livestream to show the next generation of Windows kicks off at 11 AM ET, and you can watch it live on the company’s website. Since many of us are bumping around the web this morning to see any news that comes out, I thought I’d have a bit of fun and dive into some of the cryptic tweets that Microsoft has used to tease Windows 11.

Tweets spread out over the last few days show close-up shots of different body parts, including an ear, an eye, and a pointed finger. I thought I’d take my best guess as to what each of the tweets means and see if you all agree.

The first tease sent out is a closeup of an ear. Some have playfully said that this means the event is about a new pair of Surface Earbuds. I suppose anything is possible, but it’s more likely that it’s a nod to the new startup sound in Windows 11.

Our executive editor Zac Bowden shared the new startup sound last week after a build of Windows 11 leaked online.

The next tweet from Microsoft is a closeup of someone’s eye. The reflection in the eye clearly shows one of the new Windows 11 wallpapers, so that tease seems straightforward.

The final tweet shows the ear and eye again, followed by a closeup of an outstretched finger. The pad of the finger is pressed down as if it was touching the screen of a PC. This likely points to the improved Windows 11 snapping experience.

In addition to everything teased by Microsoft, we should see a lot more from the event today. We have a piece breaking down what we expect to see at the Windows 11 event.

Do you think I’m right about what the tweets mean? Do you think Microsoft is teasing something else? Let us know what you expect from the event in the comments below.

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