Microsoft Teams has a new history menu for jumping to previous locations

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There’s a new feature in Microsoft Teams that makes it easier to jump to a specific location that you’ve recently visited. The app has a new history menu for jumping to previous locations (via OnMSFT). The feature is rolling out now and should be available to everyone soon, according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

When navigating around Microsoft Teams, you can use the forward or backward navigation arrows to jump back and forth between recent locations. Now, when you hover over one of those arrows, you’ll see a history menu. You can also bring up the history menu by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+H.

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The feature is a small change that makes it much easier to navigate around the app. Before this update, you had to either click arrows multiple times to jump to previous locations or just navigate to the same items again through the menus within Teams.

The feature is also a handy way to see what you’ve done recently, in case you forgot who you were chatting with or what you were doing before an interruption.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap doesn’t mention mobile devices for this feature, so it’s likely going to only be available for the web and desktop versions of Teams for some time.

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