Microsoft Rewards will soon work with Microsoft Search

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Microsoft Bing Logo 2020 Hero BrowserSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

You’ll soon have a new way to earn Microsoft Rewards points. Potentially as soon as next month, you’ll be able to earn Microsoft Rewards when using Microsoft Search. Once the feature rolls out, you’ll be able to earn Microsoft Rewards points when signed into select Microsoft 365 services with a school or work account.

The feature is on the Microsoft 365 roadmap and was spotted by Neowin. It could come as soon as May 2021, but that date is subject to change.

Here’s the full description of the feature:

Microsoft Search: Earn Microsoft Rewards when using a work or school account

Users in your organization will have the ability to earn Microsoft Rewards points when signed into select Microsoft 365 services (Microsoft Search in Bing) with their organizational (work or school) account.

Microsoft Rewards allows you to earn points that can be exchanged for credit in the Microsoft Store and for several other items. Last year our Richard Devine wrote about how Microsoft Rewards is the best Xbox feature you might not be using.

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Being able to earn points through Microsoft Search will add yet another way to rack up rewards. Microsoft Search is a tool that allows people to search for information within an organization. It can also work with Bing on the web.

It’s not clear at this time how many points people will earn for searches. It’s also not clear how easy it will be to transfer the points to a personal account. Right now, you can transfer Microsoft Rewards points to another person, but there are limits depending on your status as a Microsoft Rewards earner.

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