Microsoft this week took the strange step of slamming its own software, portraying Office 2019 as second-class when pitted against Office 365.

What Microsoft neglected to say was that Office 2019’s inferiority stems from decisions the company itself has made about how the suite’s applications are created and serviced.

In a public relations pitch dubbed “The Twins Challenge,” Microsoft set three pairs of Millennial-aged identical twins against each other. One twin ran an Office 2019 application, the other ran the same-named desktop app from within an Office 365 subscription. Each was asked to complete the same task, with the first finisher given the win.

Not surprisingly, the twin running the Office 365 version of Excel, PowerPoint or Word easily won the contest, wrapping up so quickly that his or her doppelgänger spat lines like, “No way” or “You’re already done?”

Microsoft didn’t pretend it was a fair fight.

“While they have similar names, there’s a world of difference between ((Office 2019 and Office 365)),” Jared Spataro, an executive in the firm’s Office and Windows group, said in a post to a company blog. “Office 365 includes fully installed Office applications … and these apps keep getting better over time, with new capabilities delivered every month.”