Microsoft finally makes its Office app iPadOS optimized

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Microsoft has finally optimized its Office app for the iPad and its tablet UI. Up until now iPads got iPhone app that ran windowed, not making use of its enhanced multitasking features, such as split screen.

Interestingly Microsoft has the Office app, which encapsulates Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as independent Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for the iPad, which already were optimized for iPadOS. There’s no word whether Apple will keep the apps separate or just merge them into the new Office app.

Microsoft finally makes its Office app iPadOS optimized

Now iPad users will be able to create PDFs, sign documents, convert images into text or a table. Microsoft recently added mouse and trackpad support for Word and Excel for the iPad. All of these updates make the iPad a viable option for those that want to use it instead of a laptop.

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